The Institute has emerged as a leading centre of education. We furnish knowledgeable, talented and confident pharmacists to society. With all our efforts to provide quality professional education and research opportunities, we aim to be a leader in pharmaceutical education and research. In this fast-paced competitive world, conceptual knowledge, practical learning and the ability to innovate are the key focus areas of our department with an emphasis on quality. We have cultivated a learner-centred environment. This means rather than asking how we teach; we ask how our students learn. Our faculty are continuously generating new learning methods to maximize student learning. We train students to gain confidence in teamwork and interprofessional skills to provide the best outcome for their profession. I am deeply committed, and it is my pleasure, to maintain these unique features and supports and also to find new niches and paths to make sure that our students succeed in their academic and professional endeavours at our institute. Student learning is our commitment and their success is our goal. Apart from the study, we provide the opportunity to the students to take part in the Co-Curricular activities which includes personality development by sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation and sense of belongingness through different activities like debates, allocation post making, poem recitation. Art and craft, classroom activities like reading, group discussions etc. I welcome you and hope you will involve yourself whole-heartedly in the mission of building excellence in the Pharma Profession as we make outstanding professionals in India for the World.

" " A speck of dust asked, can it reach the sun? The answer came it is almost impossible. The speck of dust asked, should it continue its effort? The answer came that is the only sensible thing to do."

Dr. Arti Gupta
( Principal )
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